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Unlike the tales of quiet closures,
One fell swoop
burst bubbling blood,
too late to sew the flesh of lips,
They open and scream bloody murder.

Strangers spat at an unclothed boy,
Fear against fear–
But who feared more?
Flood season rises from Hell
He dives to a rushing morgue.

Shine! Beacon shine! Away you alien dreamers!
This is no Eden–
Here the hearts of men die,
Reborn as forgotten demons
Guards of Pandora’s box.

Tales are spun from patterned lies,
Once unraveled, Lies begin
Truth is too sullen to remain alive
But which is better, which indeed,
I remember first, “Know thyself”

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Price of a Breaking Mirror 156

dream graphic

I find myself in a dark place
Unraveling a bitter taste
Sticking needles in swollen tissue
Slowly going to waste.
Punctured lungs heave in and out
Shriveling breath by breath
I kiss away the light of day
Embracing most welcomed death.

Mirror, crack a little more
Deeper the water grows,
My soul was never saved, was it?
Too many debts I owe.

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